Monday, April 30, 2012

APWU Utah State Convention April 13-14, 2012 Reports

Dear Union Brother’s and Sister’s,

I was only able to attend the final day of our Utah State Convention this year due to prior commitments. It was informative and passions seemed to run pretty deep at this year’s convention over the predicted future of the Post Office. The most important thing right now is contacting your local congressmen and letting them know what Amendments to support so that we will have a future here as a Postal employee.

We had a gentleman from Aflac speak to us about their protection in case of illness and another man was there to go over our benefits, to see if we are contributing enough now in order to retire when we want to.

Three of the NBA’s re-enacted different scenarios that we as Stewards may have to deal with. We had to find the mistakes in them, such as violations in filing grievances on time, management not offering representation when employees are being talked to and other things of that sort. If any of you as employees are approached by an OIG, you need to demand to have representation with you at all times. NEVER talk to them by yourself!!! This is something that you must always remember, no matter what!

I think all of us as employees can make a difference if we work as a team. We are all on the same side, and we need to remember that. It doesn’t matter if you are a carrier, a mail handler, a clerk, or in Maintenance we all need to be unified! I value my Position in this Union and thank all of you for entrusting me to be your Vice President!

Yours in Solidarity,
Jennifer Tatton

Fellow Union members,
I would like to thank you for the opportunity to attend the Utah state convention as your delegate. I attended the meetings on Friday which were all business rather than training. I worked as part of the resolutions committee where we approved half a dozen resolutions 4 of which cleaned up some language in the state constitution, and the other 2 were resolutions that will be sent to the national convention. These resolutions will suggest a pay raise for our lobbyist in DC and will allow the President to wait to fill vacancies at the national level until the convention where they can be voted on by the membership.

After the work committees were finished it was time to vote for state positions. All the delegates from the Provo local were there to show support for Herb Clayson, and Janalee Banks who are both members of our local and have served the unions interests for quite some time. Herb was re-elected as a vice president, but Janalee was narrowly defeated. Rather than lose the vast experience that Janalee brings to the table, the state President appointed her state maintenance steward.

After dinner, I spent some time visiting with our national business agents Mo Merrow, and Chuck Sungaard as well as the National Maintenance Asst Director Greg See. They all seem to feel that the consolidation of the Provo office will not take place for at least 18 months. This gives us some breathing room and with any luck Congress will work something out before then.

Jon Turner

I was chosen as a delegate to the Utah Postal Workers Union state convention in Park City. I arrived in time to hear all of the committee reports. All reports were accepted as presented. After that we voted on state officers. Herb Clayson was voted in as Vice President for the state. Voting for delegates to the APWU national convention was also done and Herb was designated as the alternate delegate should someone not be able to attend the national convention. There were three national officers in attendance and gave short speeches on how the APWU may be changing in the future to better serve its members. Chuck Sungaard gave an impassioned presentation about the changes that he and many other national officers would like to see happen.

Christer Johansson